Vileda Infinity – Extendable clothes airer with wings

Vileda Indoor Dryer-Infinity is a big clothes airer for bedsheets and tablecloths. However, it takes up considerably less space while drying smaller items. Its adjustable wings grant multiple helpful drying options.

Product Highlights

1. Up to 27 Metres of Drying Space

This indoor Vileda dryer is ideal for bedsheets and tablecloths thanks to its extendable telescopic main rack and 1 metre high from the floor.

2. XXL Wires

Stable, reliable and steady thanks to parallel steel legs and special joints. The Vileda Infinity has extra thick wires in the main rack to leave less creases on garments.

3. Extreme Stability

The parallel steel legs will grant more stability, durability and sturdiness to the product as their peculiar joints will prevent any accidental closure even when you move this Infinity dryer.

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Infinity clothes airer with wings

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Infinity clothes airer with wings

Thanks to its extendable central rack, the clothes horse of this Vileda dryer can be adjusted to your own needs. Underwear and socks fit perfectly on the dryer holder for small garments. The thick central wires of the clothes drying rack leave less drying marks on your garments, shortening the ironing time. You also do not need to worry about accidentally pushing the Infinity dryer over. The parallel steel legs grant extra stability and sturdiness to the clothes airer while the special joints prevent it from closing, even when you move it. Get your handy on this clothers airer from Vileda with wings now!



Wheels for Easy Mobility

The winged clothes airer has wheels which allow it to be moved easily even when fully loaded.

Small Laundry Holder

An additional element on this portable drying device lets you hang socks and small laundry items without clothes pegs.

Wings Block

The clothes airer is equipped with a wings block that allows to keep the wings closed once the item is stored away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the main rack is made by telescopic tubes that can be extended whenever needed.
The dimensions of this winged clothes airer when open are: length 119-257 cm (wings included), width 57 cm, height 108 cm. It can also be placed in a corridor or on a balcony. It folds flat when not in use and can be stored away easily, its dimension when closed are: 57x12x117,5 cm.
The clothes airer with wings is made of steel which gives sturdiness and stability to the dryer. Thanks to its wheels, it can easily be moved around even when in use.
Yes, even the biggest diameter allows you to still you use pegs when needed.


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