Vileda Yellow All-Purpose Cloth

The Vileda all-purpose cloth- wet wiping, brushing, dusting and getting rid of dirt is easy with this yellow all-purpose cloth.

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Yellow All-Purpose Cloth

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Yellow All-Purpose Cloth

Are you in desperate need of a functional and convenient all-purpose cleaning tool? Would you like to use one single product instead of several unnecessary items? Get our tested and approved essentials! Cleaning surface after surface with different cloths and mops is tiring and tedious. Even greasy stains are no obstacle for the Vileda powerful, versatile and reliable multi-purpose cloth. It can also function as a polishing fabric and a duster. Check out our range of cleaning related products like our scourers, gloves and mops. Get your hands on one of these cleaning cloths and never worry about having to buy more products for your surfaces again!



Glass and Mirror Cleaning

This absorbent cloth works wonders on windows, glass, and mirrors. Easily achieve a streak-free glisten.


The dry all-purpose cloth with microfibre technology absorbs large amounts of water and other liquids like a sponge.

Dusting and Polishing

Use this thick, universal cloth with microfibre system to dust and polish hard surfaces.


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