Vileda Multi-purpose cloth with microfibre colors 8 pcs

Bring a polishing breath of fresh air into your daily cleaning chores with the highly-absorbent Vileda Microfibre Colors. These microfibre cloths are durable, very absorbent and cleans without streaking. They quickly get rid of dirt or grease stains you might encounter during your cleaning routine and require minimal effort. They can be used on different surfaces, be it laminate, windows or the tiles in your bathroom.

Product Highlights

1. Super Absorbent

Neither dirt nor grease stand a chance against the powerful suction of the Vileda multi-purpose cloth with microfibre. With this floor cloth wiping large surfaces becomes just as easy as window cleaning with these helpful fibres.

2. Wet & Dry Cleaner

Our microfibre multi-purpose cloths demonstrate their absorbent qualities in both wet and dry conditions. Use them as a quick wiping tool or an intense cleaner depending on the situation.

3. Multi-Colour

The Colors microfibre cloths are available in 8 different colours.

MORE INFORMATION on the multi-purpose cloth with microfibre

MORE INFORMATION on the multi-purpose cloth with microfibre

Wiping and cleaning are the absolute essentials of our daily household chores. With a bunch of different cloths and scourers for different surfaces, this can quickly turn into a tedious and lengthy task. We invented the Vileda MF Colors multi-purpose cloth with microfibre to simplify everyday cleaning duties. All you need is one set of Vileda cloths for wet and dry cleaning, suitable for multiple surfaces like laminate, windows or the tiles in your bathroom. Our machine washable microfibre multi-purpose cloths have a highly-absorbent texture, which leaves no streaks behind after wiping, and quickly gets rid of stains, or dirt or grease in your household. It cleans efficiently and thoroughly in both dry and wet conditions. Window cleaning, work-surface polishing or simple stain wiping – our helpful Vileda microfibre multi-purpose cloth combines all these handy functions into one single cleaning tool. The days of constant and annoying conventional cloth changing when cleaning chores are finally over. To help you organise your new set of cleaning equipment, the Vileda MF Colors come with eight differently colors. This way, you can designate and distinguish them for different cleaning tasks without mixing them up accidentally. These cloths are durable, reliable and machine washable at up to 60 °C. Even when badly stained or worn, it will still be a helpful and reliable cleaner. Get your own Vileda multi-purpose cloth with microfibre now and simplify your cleaning chores with enjoyable and fast-paced wiping.



Handy Stain Wiping

Easily wipe away small or large stains of dirt with the cloths’ powerful absorbency.

Use with or without Chemicals

The ultra-effective microfibre cloths can withstand the use of chemicals or clean stains solely with water.

Remove Dried Up Stains

You can even remove stubborn dried up stains with the multi-purpose microfibre cloths. Just dampen them to wash away stains with a few simple wipes.

Product Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the multi-purpose cloth with microfibre can safely be used for window cleaning. Simply make sure that your cloth has been washed before using it on glass to prevent streaks and to avoid scratches on delicate surfaces due to particles sticking to the product
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