Vileda Multi Latex 40+10 – Powder-free rubber gloves

Our Vileda Multi Latex 40+10 powder-free rubber gloves are sensitive, disposable gloves that guarantee optimal protection and the best hygiene for your hands. The elastic multi-purpose gloves are made of natural latex and fit your hands perfectly to provide high tactile sensitivity.

Product Highlights

1. Multi-Purpose Use

The Multi Latex 40+10 powder-free rubber gloves are ideal for all kinds of everyday houshold chores. Whether it is dying your hair, cleaning your kitchen or toilet or doing light gardening work - the waterproof disposable gloves are suitable for all of this.

2. Ambidextrous Wear

These disposable, tear-resistant Vileda gloves fit the left hand as well as the right hand and are easy and super-fast to put on and pull off again.

3. Powder-Free

The Vileda Multi Latex 40+10 are powder-free and therefore, extra sensitive. With powdered gloves there is a higher risk of allergies as it supports latex incompatibility. The absence of powder or similar substance ensures a safe touch for people with an intolerance to powder.

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Multi Latex 40+10 Powder Free Rubber Gloves

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Multi Latex 40+10 Powder Free Rubber Gloves

The Vileda Multi Latex 40 + 10 disposable gloves are made of natural latex, which makes them resistant, reliable and elastic. These multi-purpose gloves are helpful in a lot of different situations in your everyday life. Our powder-free latex gloves are ideally used for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms as the waterproof glove does not allow any permeation of standard household cleaner. These Vileda gloves are also suitable for hair dying as they will protect your hands from becoming tinted by the colour of the hair dye. Thanks to their tear-resistance, the Vileda Multi Latex 40+10 can also be used for light gardening work. To ensure a comfortable and satisfactory fit, the Multi Latex 40+10 rubber gloves are easy and fast to put on and pull off. Also, the tedious problem of figuring out which glove to put on which hand comes to an end, as the Vileda rubber gloves can be used for both hands interchangeably. Our white, powder-free disposables provide excellent dexterity and tactile sensitivity. Convince yourself of the Vileda Multi Latex 40+ 10 powder-free rubber gloves and make them your new favourites for all kinds of household activities. 



Easy Handling

Our latex gloves are fast and easy to put on and pull off even with wet hands. Plus, they are suitable for both hands.

Multi-Purpose Use

These sensitive natural rubber gloves are waterproof. This makes them an essential cleaning tool which should not be missing in any household.

Like a Second Skin

The Multi Latex 40+ 10 powder free rubber gloves are disposable multi-purpose gloves which provide high tactile sensitivity. Due to its elastic material, they also are easy to put on and off again.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Multi Latex 10 disposable gloves come in different sizes. They are available in small/medium and in medium/large sizes to make sure that they fit perfectly. With one-sized rubber gloves, the tactile sensitivity is diminished due to unnecessary open spaces in the tips of the gloves.
Our powder-free rubber gloves guarantee optimal protection during your household work, but they are not sterile.
Yes, of course. Our latex gloves are suitable for washing dishes as they are waterproof.


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