Vileda Extra Sensation – Cotton-lined rubber gloves

Our cotton-lined rubber gloves are especially suitable for delicate tasks. The glove material of our Extra Sensation gloves is high quality latex for a comfortable feeling while doing housekeeping chores. The tear-proof gloves are extra-thin so that your tactile sensations are emphasized.

Product Highlights

1. High tactile sensation

For a soft feeling and pleasant touch, these cotton-lined rubber gloves are especially thin. They provide a firm grip while allowing you to feel what you touch.

2. Tear-resistant material

These Vileda cotton flock-lined gloves are thin but durable. Their tear-proof material is one of their key features.

3. Suitable for delicate tasks

The fine latex gloves are ideal for polishing and dishwashing in your kitchen. Glass cleaning is another delicate chore that you can easily perform with these comfortable household gloves.

Dish washing ... cleaning ... all those hard household duties can wear your hands and your skin down. For hand protection in damp conditions and against diluted cleaning liquids let these Vileda Extra sensation cotton-lined rubber gloves support you in your household chores. Use the Vileda latex gloves in a suitable area and become genuinely convinced of their abilities. The Extra Sensation gloves from Vileda are extremely versatile and can be used as follows: Kitchen gloves Bathroom gloves With few restrictions, the cuff-sparing rubber glove is an all-rounder. These Vileda gloves are ideal for delicate tasks like dish-washing and spreading soap on your crockery. They are the perfect kitchen rubber gloves. At the same time, they are impermeable to water, which makes Vileda's Extra Sensation gloves the perfect dishwashing gloves. The Extra sensation cotton-lined non-slip rubber gloves are thin so that you can experience a heightened sensitivity while wearing these non-slip gloves. Buy these Extra Sensation gloves now and experience the soft feeling of these lightweight gloves on your skin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our assortment offers latex gloves in large, medium, and small sizes. Please choose according to your hand size.
You will find one pair of gloves in each pack.
No, it is not. Thanks to the cotton lining inside the cleaning gloves, they are extremely easy to put on and remove again.
Yes, we have nitrile household and disposable gloves for latex allergy sufferers. Nitrile gloves are latex-free and, therefore, latex allergy-friendly.
This cleaning product comes in a light turquoise tone.


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