Vileda Comfort Plus – Top foam ironing board cover

The Vileda Comfort Plus will bring a boost of comfort into your daily ironing chores. This Vileda cover is ergonomically-designed and comes with three distinct layers of cotton, foam and molton for a smooth and joyful ironing experience.

Product Highlights

1. 3-Layer System

Soft cotton, elasticated foam and smooth molton make this Vileda ironing board cover a perfect as a comfortable addition to your household equipment.

2. Reinforced Stability

The molton layer makes the foam Vileda ironing board cover more resilient and durable than common covers.

3. Universal Size

With a universal size, this Vileda board cover fits all ironing boards measuring 110 cm - 130 cm length and 30 cm - 45 cm in width.

With the new top rated Vileda Comfort Plus foam ironing board cover, ironing your laundry like bedding or curtains becomes a fast-paced and enjoyable task.

It is padded with cotton, foam and molton, which makes for a multifaceted and organic protection. The ergonomic padding makes ironing easier due to its soft and smooth fabric contact whilst the universally sized board cover fits most boards with a width from 30cm to 45 cm. Together, this makes for the ideal ironing experience without causing any creasing while ironing your clothes.

Underneath the smooth cotton surface lies a pad of ergonomic foam that cushions any fabric contact to enable an unhindered and thorough care on all ironing boards. You can leave the cover on the board and simply put the two items away together for simple storage to fit inside any cabinet or closet without obstructing other furniture.

Get your own Comfort Plus foam ironing board cover now to bring the next level of efficient ironing right into your home.  



Unfold the Cover

Unwrap the foam ironing board cover and fully unfold it on your Vileda board.

Attach the Cover

Carefully slide the board cover between the iron rest and the ironing area.

Adjust Strings and Fastener

Tightly pull on the strings until the cover adjusts to the size of the board. Then, use the fastener clip to secure it.


Frequently Asked Questions

The dimensions of the foam ironing board cover are 130 cm x 40 cm x 0.5 cm.
Should the layers of your old cover ever get damaged, using replacement foam would be an option to regenerate the cover.
Steam ironing will not damage the cover or the board, even when used frequently. Just make sure to always put the cover evenly on the board so it will not create any wrinkles.
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