Perfect 2in1 Plus - Adjustable Extra Wide Ironing Board with Steam Generator Rest, Plug Socket and Cable Holder

The Vileda Perfect 2in1 Plus is a movable ironing board with an expandable metal arm. It has a medium surface of 122 x 44 cm and features a height adjustment of up to 95 cm. This ironing board has a perfect shoulder fit for an easy and a faster ironing experience. You will find ironing large items on this Vileda board an easy task due to its movable support. The Vileda Perfect Plus also features a power socket and a cable holder.

Product Highlights

1. Extractable XXL iron rest

This is an ironing board with steam unit holder for any extra-large steam generator iron (XXL holder size). The solid iron holder can be extracted from the board so you have more space to freely move the iron around if you want to iron sheets or work on shirt collars.

2. XXL extension rail for laundry

This rail is useful if you want to iron your sheets lengthwise. Get rid of any creases or wrinkles step by step with this handy feature. Hang your sheet over the iron rack to prevent it from touching the floor while you’re working on the large ironing surface (122 x 44 cm board surface).

3. Adjustable height

It is very easy to adjust the height of this ironing board for sheets. It’s seamlessly adjustable from 75 – 95 cm and can also be folded down to a compact size for storage.

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Perfect 2in1 Plus ironing board

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Perfect 2in1 Plus ironing board

An extendable laundry rail and an adjustable iron rest turn this into an extra wide ironing board for XXL laundry. The 2in1 feature and the wide ironing surface of the this ironing board from Vileda allow you to easily to iron sheets, bed linens, pillowcases, curtains and other large items. Simply hang the item on the extended rack of the board or remove the iron rest so you instantly get more space to manoeuvre your iron. Take advantage of the extended ironing space and make your ironing process more comfortable by working on larger laundry items in one go.



Plug Socket & Cable Support

With additional plug socket on the board itself - plug in any appliance you need. The cord-minder helps to keep the cord out of the way. You’ll never have to worry about ironing or tripping over a cord again.

Stability & Sturdiness

Very sturdy Vileda ironing board with a weight of 7 kg. This heavy weight makes it very stable and sturdy. Non-slip rubber bumpers on the feet support this. The strong legs of this board ensure stability on all sorts of surfaces

Cotton Cover with Thick Foam Layer

The high-quality 100% cotton cover with additional foam layer and an ideal shape for ironing sheets. This extra wide ironing board is compatible with all Vileda covers.
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