Vileda Rapid – Metallic ironing board cover

This Vileda Rapid metallic ironing board comes with a modern design. It has metallized surface, a special added feature that automatically makes your ironing faster and easier. The Vileda ironing board cover has a universal easy fit that guarantees crease-free ironing for all kinds of laundry textiles.

Product Highlights

1. Advanced Material Composition

The smart material composition of the Vileda Rapid ironing board allows for faster and more efficient ironing compared to standard ironing board covers. Its special metallic surface reflects the heat of the flat iron and therefore speeds up the process.

2. Universal Fit

To make sure that the metallic ironing board cover fits most ironing boards, the Vileda Rapid is adjustable in length and width. You can simply fasten the cover with the help of the integrated drawstring and the included clip.

3. No Visible Imprints

When ironing your clothes, you want to remove creases instead of adding even more through imprints of the rack of your ironing board. The thick foam padding prevents contact between the rack and your clothes for a flawlessly smooth result.

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Rapid

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Rapid

Ironing your clothes thoroughly often takes a lot of time, especially when you have full baskets of creased laundry. The Vileda Rapid metallic ironing board cover puts an end to this as it helps you to effortlessly iron your wrinkled clothes faster and easier than ever. The smart replacement ironing board cover comes in a modern and elegant silver-grey design and has an advanced material composition. The metallised fabric used for the cover reflects the heat of the unique flat iron to guarantee a thorough and faster crease reduction. For an optimal result, the Vileda Rapid cover has a slightly rough surface with a secure grip to ensure your clothes do not slip while ironing without damaging them. Everybody can enjoy the advantages of the Vileda Rapid metallic ironing board cover, as it has an adjustable universal fit for all ironing boards with a length of 110-130 cm and a width of 30-45 cm. To put on the cover, simply extend it on your ironing board and turn down the protruding fabric. To keep the Vileda cover in place, fasten it with the integrated drawstring and secure the cord with the help of the included Vileda clip. There is nothing worse than creasing your clothes while ironing due to insufficient padding. That is why Vileda's unique Rapid metallic ironing board cover has an integrated thick 4-mm foam pad that prevents imprints of the rack on your clothes. The polyurethane foam provides a softer and smoother surface which makes ironing more efficient and effortless. Ironing has never been easier and more efficient than with this metallic ironing board cover. Buy your Vileda Rapid now and improve your everyday life with this smart household item. What are you waiting for? Feel the difference now!



Place it

After unfolding the metallic ironing board cover, extend it on the rack of your ironing board and make sure that it is centred. Then turn down the fabric on the board’s edges.

Adjust it

Now you can tighten the integrated drawstring to adapt the cover to the size of your ironing board for a secure hold.

Secure it

Last but not least, tie the drawstring and secure it with the help of the included Vileda clip to keep the cover in place while using your ironing board.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no need for extra padding as the Vileda Rapid has an integrated 4-mm foam pad to guarantee a perfect ironing result.
Yes, of course. The heat-reflective ironing board cover is suitable for all kinds of flat irons; for steam ironing as well as for dry ironing.
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