Vileda Toilet Brush – At your service

Our Toilet Brush is the lavatory cleaning essential. This toilet brush is hygienic and functional. A Top practical and hygienic bathroom accessory that will effectively clean under the rim thanks to its angled tip side the antimicrobial bristles.

Product Highlights

1. Powerful Anti-Clog Bristles

Let’s be honest: a toilet brush’s main purpose is cleaning. The vileda toilet brush brush itself comes with powerful bristles to brush with less effort. Furthermore, the bristles prevent the toilet from clogging while cleaning.

2. Simple Shape & Ergonomic Grasp

The Vileda Toilet Brush set is ergonomically designed to prevent back or knee problems after cleaning your lavatory. As a plain décor product, the hygienic white plastic toilet brush’s body matches every bathroom.

3. Open Body

To secure easy cleaning and a fast pickup of the toilet brush itself, we designed the Vileda Toilet Brush set with an open body. Remember: it’s not only your toilet that needs to be clean. The open body catches the dripping water from the brush after cleaning your toilet.

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Toilet Brush

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Toilet Brush

The toilet brush is one of the oldest cleaning tools in history and, for sure, one of the most practical ones. The original name of the toilet brush is Xylospongium and it was nothing else than a stick with a fungus. Luckily those times are over and hygienic cleaning evolved into our Vileda anti-bacterial, anti-clog and anti-smell toilet brush set. Nowadays, a toilet brush is one of the most important and most underestimated bathroom and lavatory essentials. Make use of the this Vileda Toilet brush anti-clog bristles for a shiny and clean toilet for you and your guests. Cleaning with the Vileda toilet brush is easy and comfortable thanks to its ergonomic reliable handle and the sturdy and effective bristle material. It is your time to shine so purchase your new Toilet Brush for you and your guests!



Pick up your Toilet Brush

Simply grab the ergonomic handle of the toilet brush and take it out of the open body holder.

Start Cleaning

Start scrubbing the toilet with the anti-clog bristles to prevent clogging and get rid of dirt.

Place it back

After use, place the toilet brush back in the holder where any excess water will be caught.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no difference between toilet materials when it comes to our Vileda Toilet Brush. It cleans ceramic or stainless steel equally well and without scratches. Therefore, you can use it in the master bathroom or the guest’s lavatory.
The container does not tend to smell if you use the brush correctly. We suggest, though, to clean the brush weekly and to replace the brush every six months. The container is very durable due to its hygienic plastic and can be easily rinsed, for example in the shower.
We suggest changing the toilet brush every six months. Depending on the usage and maintenance, a minimum of two months is safe in any case. The container does not need to be changed.
First things first: You clean your toilet with the brush after you have thoroughly flushed. Do not apply too much pressure and clean the ceramic bowl meticulously. Rinse the toilet and the brush after use. Furthermore, your toilet should be cleaned with additional cleaning supplies twice a week. To ensure a clean and long-lasting toilet and brush, we suggest to, once in a while, let the brush soak overnight in the toilet with a dishwasher tablet or denture cleanser


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